Friday, February 1, 2008

So finally the Volindia blog is setup and I feel very good that there is now a space where I can voice my opinions about issues that our close to me. I would like to talk about volunteering..well what is volunteering? I don't want to get into technical definations but for me its the peace of mind that I've done or atleast am trying to do my bit for society..A couple of years back I began spending two hours thrice a week at the NAB hostel for visually impaired girls. I would spend time with them playing games, doing workshops on sex education, confidence building and many other activities. Over time I made really good friends who would confide in me, they looked up to me and shared their lives with me. After two months when I had to break my ties with hostel it seemed like the hardest thing to do. The girls and I shared such a close bond that it was beyond anything else I had felt. My two months with the girls had made such an impact on their lives that I didnt even realise. I can never forget the day when Neelam, one of my newfound friends gave me a card that said," Thanks for breaking me out of my shell, I will never forget you."This was the first time ever I had volunteered and as cliche as my story sounds its the truth...ever since then I very strongly believe in volunteering...I believe that everyone can take out some spare time and do something for someone else without expecting anything in return......I don't want to sound like i've made a big difference but yes it has been a great feeling that just a few hours of my time has had an impact such as this!