Monday, May 12, 2008

Volunteering for Volindia

The one thing I would be really proud to hear when I meet anyone at Volindia would be when Tushita says, "Oh! And she is our youngest volunteer".. EEEEE... I feel all so excited.

Whenever I move out of my home, there is one thing which disturbs me the most, Poverty. I feel sad and would really want to ask God, "Why did you do this?". Although now you would wonder that why don't I help them, in any way? I would simply say, the day I start earning, I will surely do my bit to help these people, because even they have the right to have a decent standard of living. So, it's a promise.

Thus, I see Volindia as the first step I am climbing th reach the stage I want to. :)

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