Friday, June 20, 2008

after today's session,i really felt like blogging...

Amidst the sounds of the world,
I hear a faint chant,
As it hits my conscience,
I look for its source.
I search around me,
and there is nothing
but sound of the sundry.
I close my eyes
& the chant resumes,
But the source never reveals.
Fidgeted,I hold mysef,
Drawing my senses closer,
Trying too hard to fit in…
The chant starts to fade.
Tired,I let go myself.
Breathing in an aura of requiescence
I return back,gathering insight.
The chant grows louder...
As the blood rushes in my body
I surge ahead,rejoiced,
As I realize the sound is
Nowhere but within.
The instrument is nothing,
But me…


1 comment:

Unknown said...

good stuff kusha, good stuff....subtle, yet to the kinda stuff rite there... ;)