Thursday, June 26, 2008

Another VOLindia Naz volunteer reflects on her experience

After the Survey

Initially I thought it would be damn easy to take the survey and people would treat us with high regards since we knew more than them..But then..zoom! I get my first shock at Mc Donalds where a couple just blatantly refused to take up the survey even though they were busy doing nothing. After that I had an amazing time with few school kids and illiterate guards who were more than ready in knowing stuff. Yet again, I found myself at my wit's end when I was literally snubbed by a group of friends.
Over the days I personally became more patient and tolerant to various type of people. I also developed this power of convincing people and making sure that they talk about such a sensitive and taboo topic.
After being snubbed , hit on by guys, pestered by people who questioned the authenticity of our knowledge,etc. I feel great that I could explore this part of the Indian Society and get rid of my own inhibitions of talking to a stranger about a topic like HIV and AIDS. I would love to term the people who took this survey as "Seasoned Soldiers". :)
Kriti Kakria

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