Sunday, June 8, 2008

The First Week


People I think this has been..for all of us one of the most unforgettable weeks after quite a long time !! During the 1st three days, I think I didn't only get to make new also gt apprised 2 so many diverse thoughts and opinions!!!...which i blive..wud hv definitely missed hd i nt been a 'delhi pilot'!!! However i wud still weigh higher d last 2 des spent at d 'naz' didnt only brk a lt of myths..i had..bout hiv/aids bt boosted my belief dat i can now educate other ppl bout it!!!....The best part of workin wid naz foundation is dat u even gt 2 meet those swt little children in its care home(all hiv affected)...and how easily mix up wid u...and how thyey seem 2 suck up all ur tensions and double up enthusiasm 2work fr such a cause!!!wishin all d pilots best of luck......


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