Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"Let's Spread Awareness" by Aakriti Malik


As the day starts,
With a start so bright,
It's us who all, can add to the light,
To people suffering from HIV and AIDS,
After all it's of us that the society is made,
Coz, like us they too are gifts of GOD,
They too need to live and not to be shot,
They too are beautiful from the heart,
Try and just be a part,
Of their lives so wonderful, filled with dreams,
It's only we who like a "team"
Can spread awareness about the present scene,
Coz you never know when you too may get,
And then curse yourself and regret,
Of what you don't even know,
So take your time nice and slow,
And when you are ready and know,
That you too can help and you too can care,
To everyone, with whom you can share,
About HIV and AIDS, you "CAN" make them aware.

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