Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A poem by Pulkit Khanna


Do not wish to wet my eyes & blur my vision

I still have a long way to go, a will to get out

To understand all around me, to answer my doubts

Am only waiting for someone to whisper

Who will lead me to the light?

My thoughts need a road to follow

My path desires a purpose

My body wishes for a will

My heart needs passion

And my life needs a meaning

I walk now, moving ever so anxiously

A light is all I see, that is what pulls me

It answers my questions, fuels my curiosity

But, is there is an end to this at all, or is that a myth?

Or will it only take me into the depths of this labyrinth?

My thoughts question the road to follow

The purpose of my path still unknown

The will I have needs reassurance

The passion in my heart needs sustenance

And the life I lead waits for its uncertainties

Absorbing all that I see around me, I now run

I run toward the light that calls me, one who answers

Who gives me more questions to think about…speak about,

To make me a man, face this life & those around

Still, come back to guide others around

Pulkit Khanna

(The light symbolizes the Volindia experiences which have made me more aware about life...)

1 comment:

kriti said...

pulkit!!!!!!! amazing poem!
way to go!