Thursday, January 29, 2009

Winter Serve 2009 Update

VOLindia is currently in the middle of its Winter Serve 2009!

We have a selected team of 25 volunteers from diverse backgrounds. Our team includes students of fashion, sociology, social work, economics, commerce, english and many other fields. These mixed groups of young enthusiastic people from all levels of society were divided into two groups so as to work on separate tracks; Child Rights and Disability.

After a two day orientation program and two days of theatre training, the group is now ready to go and perform for the diverse audiences.

They will be performing in different parts of the city for the next two and a half weeks. The places for their performances is diverse. Some days they will go to a community and during the others they will be in a corporate office. They will target young minds studying in schools and colleges and inform them about child rights and disability and will also go to public places and target varied age groups and strata's together.

Our volunteers completed their first performance yesterday in a mall in West Delhi and got a great response!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

International Volunteers’ Day Celebrations!

VOLindia recently partnered with VSO to celebrate International Volunteers' Day on 5th December. Our celebrations were a huge success and reached out to about 500-600 young people across various colleges in Delhi. VSO promoted their website encouraging young people to volunteer and VOLindia promoted its upcoming winter “Serve 2009”.

We visited Rajdhani College on the 1st, Deshbandhu on the 2nd, Jamia on the 4th and Hansraj College on the 5th. It was also an occasion for all our old VOLindians to meet and all our stalls were driven by our ex volunteers.

We encouraged young people to participate in our programs and also asked them to write on our graffiti wall. Many young people voiced their opinion on volunteering and also wrote about the power of young people today.

All in all VOLindia spent an exciting week spreading the message of volunteering among the youth of Delhi. It was not only work but also lots of fun!